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Undefined :

What can not be delimitated, which is without limits: I would have remained an indefinite time listening to it. Is said of certain adjectives and pronouns which express a more or less vague idea of quantity or quality, identity, resemblance or difference.

Being a self-educated man, having learned how to think, create and work beside various personalities such as Jack Lang, Lew Bogdan, Gilles de Bure, Dominique Menut, my artistic path is certainly atypical. Born and raised in both French and Jewish culture, I have always cherished these abundant collective, cultural and artistic adventures. They gave me my love of others, the respect of the public and the enjoyment of telling stories in various forms.

Then, with every year passing by, my work asserted itself under the sky. From the Champs-Elysées to the Great Wall of China, from the Promenade des Anglais to Taiwan, it is outdoors, in the public space, that I express myself through my work..


La Grande Moisson

24th of June, 1990, Paris, Champs-Elysées

ADN Climat

September-Décember 2015, Paris COP21

Blés Vendôme

1st to 7th of July, 2016, Paris, Place Vendôme

Brest 2008

11-17 july 2008, Brest

Carnaval de Nice

1997-2008, Nice

Caroussel de Saumur

Since 2003, Saumur

OECD Tohoku School

30-31-August 2014, Paris, Champs de Mars

Blés Vendôme Saumur

July 2016, Saumur

Les Champs d'Aviation

10-27 september 1998, Paris, Champs-Elysées

La Croix de Lorraine

9th of november 1995, Paris, Esplanade des Invalides

Festival du vent

14, 15 and 16th of June, 1991, Paris, Esplanade de la défense.

Fresque des associations

1st of July, 2001, Paris, Victoria avenue

L'Incroyable Pique-Nique

14th of July, 2000, along la méridienne verte

Le Train Capitale

17th of May to 15th of June, 2003, Paris, Champs-Elysées

Libération, j'écris ton nom

26th of August, 1994, Paris, Champs-Elysées

La Grande Parade de l'Eclipse

11th of August, 1999, Metz

La France sur la Grande Muraille

17th and 18th of September, 2005, Badaling, China

Nature Capitale Paris

23th to 24th of may 2010, Paris, Champs-Elysées

Nature Capitale Lyon

17-19 juin 2011, Lyon, Place Bellecour

Nouvel An chinois

24th of January, 2004, Paris, Champs-Elysées

Le passage de la flamme Olympique

24th of June, 2004, Paris

Petite Fleur Folies

18th to 21st of June, 2015, Paris, Eiffel Tower

L'Allée des Athlètes

23rd of May, 2008, Pekin, Olympic park

Le Triomphe de Saint-Cyr

20th of July, 2002, Coëtquidan

Woo de Chishui

Octobre 2016, Chishui, China

Blés Vendôme Taiwan

Octobre 2016, Taiwan


3rd to 5th June 2017, Paris, Foch avenue

Why assert yourself as an undefined artist ?

Our collective grids of what an artist should be, gives us easy and explicit words to help us understand and categorize : painter, musician, author, trapeze artist, sculptor, director, comedian ... Each wording involves an initial training in our collective mindset: theater, conservatory, fine arts, circus school...

I escape these pre-formatted grids, I have always refused to be part of these craftsmanship and underlying educations. I went my own way, a path of life made of encounters, different places, various realities. My hands are without skills, I am a moving, rough draft.

The achievement of my work is the result of my instinct. I feel a space, I create a story for each one. I think it, I grind it intellectually and then it becomes an installation. Ephemeral installations and, in recent years, long-lasting installations.

Made of natural material, metal, wood, resin, Altuglass, bamboo, my work tells the world as I see it: its wanderings, its hopes, its natural and animal heritage, the craftsmanship of mankind, the questions of the world. My artistic installations want to be didactic, educational, jubilant. They are meant to serve human judgment and mankind.
Facing itself, facing its responsibilities.


Years of training as a self-educated man
  • 1960

    Birth in Nancy.

  • 1979

    First professional steps alongside Jack Lang and Lew Bogdan at the Varsity Theater Festival of Nancy.

  • 1979-1982

    Three years at the NGO Action Internationale contre La Faim, of which he is one of the founding members.

  • 1982-1986

    Assistant to the Director of the Grande Halle de la Villette and then Director of the Cultural Action Center of Angoulême.

  • 1982

    Beginning of a 12 years long collaboration with Dominique Menut, author and theater stage director.

  • 1990-1995

    Two great adventures on the Champs-Elysées with Dominique Menut (stage director): La Grande Moisson et Libération j'écris ton nom.

  • 1997

    12 years as Artistic Director of the Carnival of the city of Nice.

  • 1997

    Vice-president of the association Handi´ Arts, working for the integration of handicaped artists in live performances and TV programs.

  • 1998

    Concept design with Gérard Feldzer of the event Champs d´Aviation, third event to take place on the Champs-Elysées.

Artistic unfolding
  • 2001

    Creation of the Fresco of associations and encounter with Laurence Médioni, visual artist and landscaper.

  • 2001-2002

    Production delegation for the Belgian sculptors Olivier Strebelle exhibition " Strebelle in Paris ", place Vendôme.

  • 2003

    Concept design and artistic direction of the exhibition Train Capitale on the Champs-Elysées.

  • 2005

    First production in China : France on the Great Wall.

  • 2008

    Second production delegation for Olivier Strebelle: « L'Allée des Athlètes » at Beijing.

  • 2010-2011

    The relationship between men and nature, the place left to plants in urban spaces, the protection of the animal kingdom .... Encouraging the public to think about present and future issues, will become the spearhead of Gad Weil´s artistic intention at the beginning of 2010. He signs his first ephemeral vegetal installation on the Champs-Elysées - Nature Capitale Paris - then a second version in Lyon on Place Bellecour, Nature Capitale Lyon.

  • 2012

    Beginning of the collaboration between the OECD and Gad Weil for the creation of an educational and artistic event, carried out by 100 Japanese students, Fukushima University and the Japanese Ministry of Education. It is on the Champ de Mars that this project came to life, its aim is to illustrate and celebrate the rebirth of hope for the Youth of Tohoku.

  • 2015

    A year dedicated to animal sculptures meant to raise public awareness on the issues of global warming and the protection of biodiversity. 5 years after Nature Capitale, Gad Weil and his artistic accomplices Laurence Médioni and Benoît Afnaim, design and install Petite Fleur Folies at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. In this ephemeral garden, eight original art pieces inspired by the art of folding and origami, come alive thanks to the action of the public. Then he imagines Arche de Noé Climat, a creation launched under the initiative of Ségolène Royal. The artwork consists of 140 sculptures made out of recyclable materials, representing the diversity of animal species. The goal is to make the public and especially children, aware of the consequences of climate change.

  • 2016

    26 years after la Grande Moisson, wheat once again becomes the object of a series of installations in France and abroad: Blés Vendôme, Blés Saumur, then Blés Taiwan. This work reminds us that mankind, when acting with respect and attention, knows how to dialogue with nature and to gather its wealth in order to nourish and embellish humankind. That same year, the artist returns to China to a city called Chishui, to design and create with local craftsmen, 5 gigantic animals made of braided bamboo to highlight the difficulty of animal species that have to fight against the disappearance of their natural habitats.


Blés Vendôme


Nature Capitale



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